Built To Last: Project YFZ 450R

There’s not a more trusted name in the industry than Hinson Racing. By running their components, we nearly guarantee that we won’t have any clutch problems.

Because the ruts get so deep on the sandy course in Canada, we opted to run 23″ front Tech-4 tires from STI and matched them up with 22″ rears that were all mounted on DWT deadlock wheels and also filled with Tire Balls to ensure that we wouldn’t be dealing with flats during the 12-hour run. Because we’re running the tall tire setup and the short course would be taxing on the OEM clutch system, we opted to install a conventional Hinson Racing clutch kit consisting of pressure place, inner hub, basket, fibers and steels and their sharp looking outer clutch covers. We’ve run Hinson components on project bikes in the past and they just work. Why else do you think so many of the top pros are running them in their race machines? If you have any doubt of their success, just visit their office and look at the trophy wall that gets more and more crowded every year. Since the YFZ 450R already comes at 50″ wide, we opted to run the stock axle, which keeps overall costs down and is a good test for its durability.

While we did enjoy the comfort of the stock seat, the roughness of the track would put our riders legs to the test when having to stand up in the whoops. We gave a call over to Quad Tech ATV and they put together a custom desert height seat cover that would make the transition from seated to standing much easier. A faux carbon fiber hood was also sent over to dress up our YFZ 450R and give it a unique look that really made our orange plastic stand out that much more. IMS Products set us up with one of their oversize fuel tanks complete with dry break receiver to ensure we could stay out on the track as long as possible while minimizing our pit time for fuel stops. Yamaha provided a set of their perfect fit GYTR nerf bars with integrated heel guards and a Duncan Racing front bumper really helped the look of our racer.

Lazer Star Lights gave us a great setup that turned night into day for our riders during the night session.
Lazer Star Lights gave us a great setup that turned night into day for our riders during the night session. The Quad Tech hood gave the machine a unique look as well.

When it came to setting up the 450 for racing at night, our first choice was to turn to our friends at LazerStarLights. They set us up with a 6″ 4-bulb 3 watt Atlantis LED light that would be mounted to the bars onone of their drop down bar mounts. This would allow us to see in any direction that the bars were turned and for our primary source of light, Lazer Star supplied us with a 12″ 20-bulb 3 watt Endeavour LED light bar. This unit features 10 bright white LEDs on the top row and 10 amber LEDs on the bottom that we would use not only for light, but as a way to separate our riders from the rest of the field day or night. We turned to Race Edge in El Cajon, CA to fabricate us a mount for the 12″ light bar and while we were there, they also set our machine up with a set of chromoly sub-frame braces. The sub-frames on the Yamaha ATVs have always been a weak link of the machine and aside from spending over $600 for an aftermarket subframe, these braces will reinforce the stock sub-frame at a fraction of the cost.

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