Built To Last: Project YFZ 450R

The GPR stabilizer does a great job of keeping the bars from being ripped out of your hands in the rough stuff.

The finishing touches came in the way of Works Connection Pro Clutch Perch assembly for an easy clutch pull, Pro Armor to kill the engine in the event of an unfortunate dismount and a GPR steering stabilizer. The GPR is probably one of the most crucial bolt-on items for being such a small item. This stabilizer mounts on the frame at the down tubes which makes it simple to mount to the steering stem but more importantly allowed us to adjust the dampening force quickly to suit each riders needs. Out of all the different stabilizer manufactures and styles on the market, we’ve always liked the GPR for its affordability and the fact that they offer a lifetime warranty for any issues with the dampener.

By far this is one of the best handling ATVs that we’ve ever put together, and with all of the experience on thisIMG_9262_1 team we’ve done a lot of builds like this. Because we had the opportunity to dyno the engine at the Duncan Racing facility, we squeezed every last bit of power out of the engine without having to go into the internals. The combination of the FCI intake, Fat Boy 4 exhaust and Vortex CDI is awesome and highly recommended. In our opinion, the Vortex CDI is the most simple fuel management system made for this machine and doesn’t require you to be a rocket scientist to dial it in with a laptop. There is a reason the top pros are running this component.
Our time with the Elka techs and Doug Roll definitely paid off because the racer soaked up all of the deep bumps and gave every rider confidence to ride faster and harder no matter what the conditions were. All in all, there isn’t one bad thing that I can say about this racer and hope that we have the opportunity to race up in Canada again and have all of these sponsors back on board to try and conqueror this event. We can’t thank all of our contributors enough for your part in this amazing build and look forward to working with you in the future.

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