Polaris Debuts 2016 HighLifter ATV and SxS Lineup

Sportsman 850


For those that aren’t looking for the convenience or high cost of a SxS and want to get more personal with mud pits out on the trail, Polaris has just the machine for you in the HighLifter Edition Sportsman 850. This machine has always been a popular for mud enthusiasts to upgrade and releasing this HighLifter Edition was a no-brainer.
The Sportsman 850 is the perfect platform for an affordable mud monster that only requires a few basic hop-ups to enjoy a day at your favorite mud hole. The obvious upgrade is the signature 29.5″ HighLifter Outlaw II tires that are mounted on steel wheels. To ensure that all of the power from the 850cc power plant can turn those massive tires in thick mud with minimal stress, the transmission on the Sportsman comes with an ultra-low gear designed specifically for low speed mud crawling. High-clearance arched dual A-arm suspension has been included to prevent the Sportsman getting hung up on ruts or any submerged obstacles. Ensuring that riders can keep the engine running when things get deeper than anticipated, shielded snorkeled clutch and engine ducting has been incorporated and a rack mounted radiator system prevents mud from clogging up and overheating your ride. Affordably priced at $9,999, the Sportsman 850 HighLifter Edition is a great start to getting your feet wet if you’re just getting started.

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