Tested: Polaris 50″ RZR 900 Trail EPS

First Ride: Polaris 50″ RZR 900 Trail EPS

RZR900 50 Slide

Polaris released an unprecedented 29 new models for the 2015 model year. One of their offerings was the RZR 900 Trail EPS 50” edition. This machine was designed to tackle the trails where you have a 50” maximum width restriction. In a nutshell this means you can take this Side by Side on almost any trail you can fit your quad on. Furthermore, being 50 inches wide the ease of fitting into a pickup truck bed is outstanding. This unit is outfitted with the same Pro Star 900 power plant as the new RZR900S. You do the math, ten inches narrower, resulting in a lightened chassis with the same motor… equals rocket ship. The 50 inch model also has a lower center of gravity leaving you with a nimble trail eating UTV. One of the other best parts you ask? The width of a quad, with the ability to bring your friend along for the ride.

RZR900 50 on Trail1
With the narrow wheelbase of the RZR 900, you can easily navigate the tight trails that most other UTV’s can’t

We had been hearing the rumors about this machine and we were eager to take Polaris’ new offering out for a trial by trail. For only being 50 inches wide the cockpit of the RZR was comfortable and similar to the 60 inch version. We had two people 6’ and 6’4” inside the cab with no problems. The first thing we noticed was the acceleration of the machine. This beast is a sports car. We headed out onto what we knew was a tight trail winding between trees and down narrow trails created by water runoff. The RZR ate the terrain alive. We instantly felt comfortable in the 50 inch version. Simply put, Polaris designed a UTV for tight trails and succeeded. This side by side is point and shoot. The steering is responsive with a great steering wheel turn ratio, and a tight turning radius. Add the Electric Power Steering to the equation and you do not get fatigued driving this RZR for long periods of time. We felt like we could add the required safety equipment to this unit and take it to a GNCC style event and be competitive right out of the box. At times, if you didn’t have a steering wheel in your hands you would think you were on an ATV.

RZR900 50 Slide on Road
Don’t underestimate it’s small size. The RZR 900 packs plenty of power to have a little fun and pitch it around in the corners.

The RZR 900 Trail EPS 50” is more than a viable option as a trail ready UTV. The width of the unit grants access to so many more trails than you can fit your average side by side on. This is a huge bonus especially with all the OHV area closures and restriction we are facing. Our concern that a narrow SxS would feel tippy and not turn tight enough were quilled by the end of our test. We really enjoyed the aggressive low stance and low center of gravity that came with this unit. The power was abundant and the delivery was smooth and controllable. The suspension provided us with a very plush and well handling ride on all the trails we threw at this machine. All and all, this trail machine is in a class of its own.

50″ RZR 900 Trail EPS Specifications

Engine 4-Stroke, DOHC Twin Cylinder 875cc
Fuel/Cooling Systems Electronic Fuel Injection / Liquid Cooled
Suspension Type / Travel Front: Dual A-Arm 10″ Rear: Dual A-Arm 10″
Braking Front / Rear 4-Wheel Hydraulic Disc w/ Dual-Bore Front Calipers
Dry Weight 1,174 LBS
Overall Vehicle Size (L x W x H) 105″ x 50″ x 69.5″
Ground Clearance 11″
Fuel Capacity 9.5 Gallons
Bed Box Dimensions 20.7″ x 37″ x 7.9″
Rear Rack / Box Capacity 300 Lbs
Payload Capacity 740 LBS

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