Yamaha Releases The Most Anticipated SxS of The Year

Unmatched Handling and Performance 

The YXZ1000R is born of true Yamaha performance DNA serving up unmatched handling characteristics, resulting in the vehicle’s features being perfectly positioned and integrated into a single, seamless package working as one.

 16_07S_Blue_S4_RGB_LoResStrategically mounted low and longitudinally in the chassis, the engine placement affords the YXZ1000R long rear wheel and suspension travel for superior sport SxS performance. A single shaft, one-axis balancer reduces engine vibration by 25% for a more comfortable ride while also allowing a rigid engine mount to reduce weight and offer a more direct throttle/engine feel for the driver.

The vehicle’s front differential incorporates Yamaha’s proven On-Command® 2WD, 4WD and 4WD full diff-lock – a driver-controlled system that eliminates the hesitation or slipping experienced in computer-engaged systems. An automotive-style 4WD dial is intuitive and conveniently located on the center console, and provides simple and seamless transitions between the 2WD, 4WD and 4WD full diff lock settings.

The YXZ1000R employs Yamaha’s proven Electric Power Steering (EPS). Set in a new, more compact and lightweight EPS unit, the optimized steering ratios provide precise handling through the best balance of assist and positive feedback from the terrain. This combination creates maximum comfort and confidence in rough off-road conditions. The steering wheel is located in an optimal position and features a steel armature, soft grip over-mold, and driver tilt adjustability for maximum cabin comfort, fit and feel.

Critical for premium handling is strong, smooth and predictable stopping power, and the YXZ1000R accomplishes this by featuring four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes with twin piston calipers at all corners. The resulting unmatched brake “feel” delivers added confidence during aggressive driving.  Large 245mm rotors were adopted for enhanced cooling and reduced brake noise.

Massive FOX 2.5 Podium Shocks® Standard

The YXZ1000R boasts massive long travel FOX 2.5 Podium Shocks® with 16-inches of travel in front and 17-16_07S_Blue_Front_S5_RGB_LoResinches out back. The piggyback reservoir shock absorbers provide top performance, confidence and comfort for driver and passenger.

The YXZ1000R front suspension catches the eye as it protrudes upward through the hood of the vehicle, making their top end visible from outside and inside the cockpit, projecting an aggressive, defiant image. The fully adjustable front and rear FOX shocks feature adjustable hi- and low-speed compression, adjustable rebound, and adjustable preload settings. The rear shock utilizes a FOX Bottom Out Cup (BOC) technology that helps maintain ongoing comfort while reducing the chance for bottoming out in extreme conditions.

The vehicle’s color matched, rigid bushing pivot double A-arm design is uniquely configured and provides superior handling and a comfortable, confidence-inspiring planted feeling in tough terrain, over deep whoops, and throughout all-day off-road punishment. The front A-arms have optimized castor, bump steer and Ackerman – throughout the travel and steering angle – to achieve the best cornering ability and positive steering feedback with light effort.

The rear double A-arm design is uniquely configured to provide superior handling and a comfortable, confidence-inspiring planted feeling. Spherical bearings ensure accurate tire alignment and the rear shocks are mounted as far out as possible, providing the longest and optimum stroke. The rear suspension design provides superior straight line stability with minimal camber variance throughout the entire range of travel.

All-New Styling and Design

16_07S_Blue_S2_RGB_LoResThe YXZ1000R boasts all-new styling, embodying Yamaha’s passion for pure sport performance and the SxS enthusiasts’ independent, confident, and aggressive attitude.

A sleek and nimble appearance plants the driver and passenger in the vehicle, creating a total man-machine integration and connection. The YXZ1000R features sharp lines and angles, jaw-dropping suspension projecting through the vehicle’s hood, and stylized wheels and tires.

The front fender gets a unique and aggressive look complementing the vehicle’s overall high-performance styling and enhanced visibility, and showcasing its massive front suspension. The newly designed front grill and carry bar continue the aggressive theme outlining the ominous four-eyed LED headlight system for high-performance illumination.

The rear fender features a unique, durable and functional design, also with an aggressive, compact look and an efficient, highly visible LED taillight. The lightweight and durable cargo bed provides the best combination of function and durability for high-performance sport SxS performance. The fixed position bed is rated to carry up to 300 pounds and features a water resistant sealed storage compartment, plus four steel tie-down points welded to the frame for strong and secure storage.

The standard YXZ1000R sun top has sharp styling and is seamlessly integrated into the chassis, complementing the entire design. All-new color-matched doors incorporate inset handles that are convenient, durable and easy to operate with two-stage automotive style latches and coil style door return springs.

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